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3M Abrasive Belts, Bands, Brushes, Cut-Off Wheels, Diamond Files, Discs, Hand Pads, Polishing Paper & Wheels, PSA Discs, Rolls, Scotch-Brite Abrasive Sheets, Unitized Wheels, Sanding Sponges, Grinding Wheels
AMPLEX Diamond Wheels, Dressing Tools, Lapping Compounds, Diamond Hand Dressers
CGW (CAMEL) Grinding Wheels, Flap Discs
CLOVER Lapping Compounds
CRATEX Rubberized Abrasives, Disc Wheels, Mounted Wheels, Abrasive Kits
DESMOND Dressers & Holders
DICO Buffing Wheels & Accessories
DMT Diamond Whetstones & Sharpeners
DYCLAD Diamond Wheels
EZE LAP Diamond Sharpeners
FALCON Cut-Off Wheels, Dressers
FLEXOVIT Flap Discs, Cut-Off Wheels
GROBET Swiss Pattern Files & Sets
MATZ Rubberized Abrasives, Belt Cleaner
MERIT Quick Change Sanding Discs, Surface Prep. Discs, Fibre Discs
MORGAN MFG. Trimeaze - Disc Trimmers
NEWMAN Dressers, Diamond Needle Files & Sets
NICHOLSON Files & Sets, Saws
NOGA Deburring Products & Sets
NORTON Grinding Wheels, Diamond Tools, Dressing Sticks, Sharpening Stones, Sanding Belts, Paper Sheets, Cloth Sheets, Shop Rolls, Discs, Flap Wheels, Cartridge Rolls, Beartex Products
PEARL ABRASIVES Grinding Wheels, Cut-Off Wheels
PRESTIGE plus Buffing Wheels, Coated PSA Discs, Belts, Discs, Wheels, Dresser, Files, Point Sets, Rolls & Sheets
RADNOR Grinding Wheels, Wire Brushes, Depressed Center Wheels, Flap Discs, Cut-Off Wheels
REXCUT Abrasive Discs
SCOTCH-BRITE™, 3M Non-Woven Abrasive Products
SHAVIV BY VARGUS Deburring Products & Sets
SIMONDS American Pattern Files & Sets
SOPKO Grinding Wheel Adapters, Wheel Balancers
WEILER Wheels & Brushes
ACME/ALLIED TOOL Solid Carbide Drills, Drilling Holders, Drill Insert Blades, Chamfer Rings, Contour Cutters, Drilling & Turning Tools
APT Boring Tools, Countersink & Deburring Tools, Indexable End Mills & Cutters
BALAX Fluteless Taps (Thread Formers)
BRUBAKER End Mills, Taps
CARMEX Carbide Laydown Threading System
CEDARBURG E-Z Hand & Mini Tapper
CHICAGO LATROBE Countersinks, Drills, Reamers
CJT Drills & Sets
CLEVELAND TWIST DRILL Drills, Combined Drills & Countersinks, End Mills, Reamers, Tool Bits, Taps
DUMONT Broaches & Sets
EAGLEROCK Grinding Fixtures, Knurls
EVEREDE Indexable Boring Bars & Center Drills, Countersinks, Deburring Tools, Tool Bits
GENERAL Cutters, Tap Wrenches
GEOMETRIC Radial Chasers & Die Heads
GREENFIELD Dies, Taps & Sets
H. B. ROUSE & CO. Boring Bars, Indexable Turning Tools
HANITA End Mills & Roughers
HANSON Dies, Tap & Die Sets
HELICOIL Thread Repair Kits, Screw Thread Insert Taps
INTERNATIONAL MINICUT Roughing & Shell End Mills
ISCAR Carbide Cut-Off Tools, Cutters, Inserts, Indexable Drills, End Mills, Toolholders, Milling Systems, Grooving & Parting Tools
JET Tap & Die Sets
KAISER THINBIT Boring Bars & Grooving System
KEO Center Drills, Keyseat Cutters, Drills & Countersinks, Milling Cutters
KNURLCRAFT Knurlers & Replacement Knurls
KYOCERA Solid Carbide Miniature End Mills
LAMINA Multi-Material Grade Positive Style Carbide Inserts, Negative Inserts
M.A. FORD Countersinks, Center Drills, Deburring Products
MEGAFOR Solid Carbide Spiral Flute Micro Reamers
MELIN End Mills
METAL REMOVAL Burrs, Drills, End Mills & Reamers
METCUT Spade Drill Holders & Inserts
MICHIGAN DRILL Drills, Cutters, Tap & Drill Sets
MICRO 100 Solid Carbide Tools, Center Drills, End Mills, Radius Tools, Engraving Tools, Brazed Cut-off Blades, Thread Mills, Drill Point End Mills, Routers
MIL-TEC Indexable Freedom Cutters & Kits
NEWCOMER Carbide Inserts, Cut-Off System
NIAGARA CUTTER Counterbores, End Mills, Milling Cutters, Diamond End Mills
NICHOLSON Files, Thread Restorers
NIKO Mini Tools, Mini Drills, Inserts & Fleximills
NIKCOLE Grooving & Cut-off System
PEC Tap Wrenches
PHASE II Boring Bars
PRECISION TWIST DRILL Drills & Sets, Reamers
PREMIUM Bandsaw Blades, Hacksaw Blades, Hole Saws & Reciprocating Saws
PRESTIGE plus Boring Bars, Chasers, Drills, End Mills, Inserts, Reamers, Saws, Taps, Indexable Turning Tools & More
PROMAX End Mills
PUTNAM Counterbores
REIFF & NESTOR Taps & Sets, Thread Restorers
RELTON Hole Saws, Drills
REYTEK Deburr Masters
ROBB JACK Finishers, Roughing Tools, Carbide End Mills & Saws
ROBERT CHARLES Countersinks & Counterbores, Reamers
SEV-CAL Countersinks, Deburring Cutters
SGS Carbide Countersinks, End Mills, Burrs
STANLEY Hacksaws, Frames & Handsaws
THINBIT Tool Holders
TITEX TOOLS Drills, Taps
TOOL-FLO Threading & Grooving System
UNIBIT Step Drills
VALENITE End Mills, Fluids, Indexable Drills, Shell Mills, Inserts, Toolholders, Tooling Packages, Milling Systems, Face Mills, Grooving & Threading Systems
VERNON DEVICES Chamfering Tools
WELDON Counterbores, Countersinks, End Mills, Roughers
WHITNEY Tap Extensions, Slotting Cutters
A-9 (RELTON) Aluminum Cutting, Tapping &Bandsaw Fluids
ACCU-LUBE Applicators & Lubricants
AGS Lubricants
CASTROL Moly-Dee Tapping Fluid
CELLO Disinfectants, Cleaners, Degreasers, Hand Soap
CHEVRON Hydraulic Oils, Soluble Oil, Cutting Oils
CINCINNATI MILACRON Grinding Fluids, Tapping Fluid & Paste
CLING SURFACE Industrial Fluids
COOL TOOL (MONROE) Cutting Fluids
CRC Industrial Fluid Products
DEVCON Industrial Fluid Products
DYKEM Layout Fluids
JET LUBE Lubricants
KOOL MIST Coolants
LEGACY Grease Guns, Grease Pumps, Fuel Pumps, Grease Hoses, Funnels, Suction Gun
LOC-TITE Anti-Seize, Cleaners, Degreasers, Lapping Compounds
LPS/TAPMATIC Cleaners, Lubricants, Tapping Fluid, Composites, Grease, Bearing Grease
MICRO FINISH Cutting Fluids
MOBIL Industrial Fluid Products
MOLY-DEE Cutting Fluids
MONROE Industrial Fluids
NOGA Cool Manifold Spray Unit
PETRO-CHEM Gear Oil, Soluble Oil, Way Oil
RAPID-TAP Tapping Fluids
RE-LI-ON Cutting Fluid
RELTON Cutting & Grinding Fluid, Tapping Fluid, Bandsaw Fluids, Coolant Management Kit, Spray Bottle Applicator, Tool Oil
RUST-LICK Rust Penetrant, Rust Preventative, Tapping Fluid, Coolants, Oil Skimmer
SAFETAP Industrial Fluids
SIMPLE GREEN Cleaners & Degreasers
SLICK-50 Fluid Products
SPRAYON Cleaning & Electronic Products, Lubricants
STA-LUBE Red Grease
STARRETT Lubricants
TAPMAGIC Tapping Fluids, Cutting Fluids
TRI-FLOW Lubricator Pen
VALENITE Industrial Fluid Products
WD-40 Rust Preventatives
WESCO Coolants
A & D (AND) Balances, Scales
ANYFORM Magnetic Bases
BAKER Dial Indicators
BAUSCH & LOMB Loupes & Magnifiers
BLAKE MFG. CO-AX Indicators
BROWN & SHARPE Gages, Indicators, Vises, Sine Bars, Gage Ball Sets, Thread Measuring Wire Sets, Centermaster, Edge Finders, Angle Blocks, Parallels, V-Blocks & Clamps, Rules, Squares & Sets, Micrometers, Calipers, Wigglers, Optical Comparators, Precision Tool Packages, Rules
CHECKPOINT Laser Levels & Accessories
COMPAC Indicators
DEFELSKO Gages, Adhesion Tester Kits, Calibration Standards, Thinckness Gage
DONEGAN Optivisor
ETALON Height Gages, Levels, Micrometers, Calipers
EXTECH Tachometers, Force Gages, Thermometers, Thermo-Anenometer
FEDERAL/MAHR Indicators, Gages, Surface Roughness Gage
FLEXBAR Opti-Zoom Video Inspection & Measurement System, Digital Multi Gage, Micrometers, Gages, V-Blocks, Calipers, Surface Standards, Universal Holders
FOWLER Calipers, Gage Heads, Micrometers, Rules, 1-2-3 Blocks, V-Blocks & Clamps, Gage Blocks, Squares, Magnifiers, Indicators, Gages, Precision Tool Packages, Height Gages, Comparators, Sine Bars & Sine Plates, Angle Blocks, Bench Centers, Durometers, Edge Finders, Hardeness Testers, Levels, Loupes, Parallels, Protractors, Rules, Electronic Scales, Tachometers, Thread Measuring Wire, Bore Gages, Holmikes, Electronic Edge Finders, Electronic Measuring Sets
G.A.L. GAGE Gages
GAR Gages
GEM Indicators & Sets
GENERAL Calipers, Magnifiers, Marking Rules Mirrors, Protractor & Depth Gages, Edge Finders, V-Blocks & Clamps, Speed Chuck, Cutters, Magnets, Scrapers, Pin Vises, Trammel Points, Tweezers
GREENFIELD Thread, Plug & Ring Gages, Quality Control Masters
HELIOS Calipers
INDICOL Indicator Holders
INTERAPID Indicators, Calipers
LASERAIM Laser Levels
MAHR/FEDERAL Air Gaging System, Amplifiers, Calipers, Comparators, Gages, Indicators, Micrometers
MARK–10 Digital Forge Gages, Thermometers
MEYER Plug Gages & Sets
MICRO VU Optical Comparators & Accessories
MITUTOYO Calipers, Indicators, Micrometers, Inspection Equipment, Measuring Systems, Software, Squares, Stands, Digital Readouts & Scales, Gage Blocks, Bench Centers, Comparators, Gages, Hardness Testers, Holtests, Levels, Microscopes, SPC Equipment, Bevel Protractors, Rules, Water Resistant Micrometers
NOGA Magnetic Bases & Stands
PEACOCK Gages, Indicators
PEC Dividers, Gages, Rules, Squares & Sets Precision Packages, Drafting Instruments, Indicators, Adjustable Parallels, Protractors
PHASE II Parallel Set, Hardness Tester, Surface Roughness Gages, Thickness Gages,Bore Scope, Durometer, Laser Levels, Step Blocks
PRESTIGE PLUS Micrometers, Depth Micrometers, Laser Level Kits, Screw Thread Micrometers, V-Blocks, Protactors, Plug Gages, Ring Gages, IPD Gage & Software, Telescoping Gage Set, Electronic Digital Scales, Electronic Digital Calipers, Micrometer Sets
PRESTIGE VALUE Calipers, Gages, Indicators, Parallels, Micrometers, Squares, Sine Bars, V-Blocks, 1-2-3 Blocks & More
QUALTECH Stands, Workstations
REX DUROMETERS Durometers, Fixture Sets, Test Block Kit, Durometer Stands
STANDARD Dial Bore Gages, Indicators
STARRETT Point Sets, Calipers, Gages, Levels, V-Blocks & Clamps, Gage Blocks, Indicators, Comparators, Precision Tool Packages, Micrometers, Edge Finders, Software, Angle Plates, Calipers & Dividers, Magnetic Bases, Parallels, Tachometers, Protractors, Rules, Scales, SPC Equipment, Surface Plates, Video Systems, Diemakers' Squares, Projectors, Durometers, Hardness Testers, Electronic Height Gages, Electronic Calipers
STRESSTEL Thickness Gages
SUBURBAN TOOL Chucks, Magnetic & Sine Equipment, Squares, 1-2-3 Blocks, Straight Edges, Comparators
TAYLOR HOBSON Roughing Gages
TECLOCK Dial Indicators
TESA Calipers, Digital Count Height Gages, 3D Probes, Stylis & Extensions
TRIMOS Inspection Equipment
VERMONT Bushing Drawer Systems, Plug Gages & Sets, Gage Holders, Handles
WEBBER Gage Blocks
ACRA Milling Machines, Lathes
BALDOR Grinders, Buffers, Dust Control Units, Replacement Motors
BIRMINGHAM Milling Machines
BURR BEAVER Deburring & Beveling Machine
BURR KING Grinders, Vibratory Tumblers, Media, Vibratory Chambers, Polishing Equipment, Sanders
CHAMP Drill & Tool Grinders
CHEVALIER Surface Grinders
CONQUEST Disc Sanders & Cuttermaster
CYCLONE Abrasive Blast Equipment
DAKE Bandsaws, Presses, Cold Saws, Drill Presses
DAREX Drill & End Mill Sharpeners
DELTA Drill Presses, Grinders, Sanders & Saws
DRILL DOCTOR Drill Bit Sharpener
DUMORE Tool Post Grinders
ERCOLINA Bending & Metalworking Machines
HTC Roller Tables & Stands
HYD-MECH Cold Saws
JET Drilling/Milling Machines, Bandsaws, Tablesaws, Lathes, Grinders, Dust Collectors, Drill Presses, Sanders, Woodworking Equipment, Shears, Brakes & Rolls & More
KALAMAZOO INDUSTRIES (KI) Belt Sanders, Grinders, Saws
KENT Surface Grinders, Engine Lathes
K.K. MACHINE Carbide Grinders (Oscillating)
LAGUN Vertical Milling Machines
LISLE Drill Grinders
LOC-LINE Vacuum Hoses
LOW BUCK Metal Forming Tools
MAG-MATE Sheet Handlers
MAXNC CNC Milling Machine
NATIONAL Sheet Metal Equipment
NOVA Lathes
PRAZI Bench Mills, Lathes
RIDGID Pipe Threading Equipment, Pipe & Tubing Tools, Vises
ROLL-IN Bandsaws
ROPER/WHITNEY Sheet Metal Equipment
SCOTCHMAN Hydraulic Ironworkers, Cold Saws
SERVO Drill Presses & Power Feeds
SHARP Milling Machines, Lathes, EDM
SHERLINE Miniature Lathe & Milling Machines
SMITHY Lathe-Mill-Drill Machines
TENNSMITH Sheet Metal Equipment
T-JAW Bandsaws
THEMAC Tool Post Grinders
PRESTIGE PLUS Milling Machines, Lathes, Drill Presses, Saws, Grinders & Milling Machine Packages, Bandsaws
VICTOR Lathes, Milling Machines & Packages, Radial Arm Drill Presses
WELLSAW Bandsaws
WILTON Drill Presses, Sanders, Cold Saws, Drilling & Tapping Machines, Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaws
ALBRECHT Keyless Chucks, Drill Chuck Arbors
APT Boring Heads
ALORIS Quick Change Tooling
ARMSTRONG Clamping Components & Toolholders
BILZ Quick Change Tap Adapters & Sets
BISON Lathe Chucks, Spacers, Black Plates, Soft Jaws, Live Centers, Vises, Super Spacers
BTC Chucks, Back Plates, Soft Jaws
BURRIDGE 5C Expanding Collets
CARDINAL Speed Vises
CEDARBURG Phase Converters
COLLIS Chucks, Holding Equipment, End Mill Adapters, Center Drill Drivers, Extension Sockets, Split Sleeve Tap Drivers
EAGLEROCK Collet Holding Fixtures, Collets, Knurlers, Dressers, Ring Set, Chucks
ETM Toolholders, Tapping Attachments, TG Plus Collets, Rotary Tool Clamps
H&R Top Jaws
HARIG Grinding Fixtures
HEINRICH Vises, Air Collet Fixtures, Bench Punch
HOLDRIDGE Radii Cutters
HUOT Toolholder Carts & Racks
JACOBS Drill Chucks, Arbors, Wedges, Tap Chucks, Sleeves, Live Centers, Drift Keys
JET Double Angle Vises & Mobile bases
KDK Quick-Change Tooling
KALAMAZOO INDUSTRIES (KI) Collet Index Fixtures, Collet Chucks
KURT Anglock Vises & Accessories
LYNDEX Collets, Adaptors, Tightening Fixture
MAGNUM Milling Machine Vises
MASTER CRAFT Milling & Drilling Tables
MITEE-BITE Clamping Components, Collet Wrenches & Stops
MITUTOYO Digital Readout Systems
MORTON Quill Stops
NAREX Boring & Facing Heads, Quick Change Tooling
NEWALL Digital Readout Systems
PALMGREN Rotary Tables, Vises, Arbor Presses
PARLEC Rotary Tooling, Presetters, Adapters, Tapping Attachments, Boring Heads
PBA Chucks
PHASE-A-MATIC Phase Converters, Index Spacer
PHASE II Spin Jigs, Quick-Change Tooling System
PORTAMATE Drill Press Accessory
PRESTIGE PLUS CNC Instrument Setter, Collet Chuck System, Boring Heads & More
PROCUNIER Tapping Heads, Tap Holders, Tap Chucks
RITEN Live Centers
ROHM Drill Chucks, Face Dividers, Live Centers, Universal Chucks, Face Driver Kits
ROYAL Collet Closers, Live Centers, Machine Mounts, Turret Tool Posts, Collets, Collet Adapters, Half Dead Centers
ROYEL Toolholders
SERVO Power Feeds
SKODA Live Centers
SOWA Tapping Heads
SUBURBAN TOOL Index Fixtures, Master Grind
SUSTA/KENNEDY Tool Holder Carts
TAPMATIC Tapping Heads, Tap Drivers & Holders
TE-CO Clamping Components & Sets
TROYKE Rotary Tables
U.S. SHOP Retention Knobs
VALENITE Toolholders, Double Angle Collets
VIBRA SYSTEMS Anti-Vibration Pads
VLIER Plungers, Levelers
WILTON Chucks, Vises
YUASA Rotary Tables, Holding Equipment
3M Respirators, Spill Control, Hearing Protection, Environmental Protection, Matting, First Aid
ACE® Bandages
ALLEGRO Ergonomic Supports
AMEREX Fire Extinguishers
ANSELL Hand Protection, Clothing, Foot Protection
AOSAFETY Respirators, Hearing Protection, Headwear, Protective Eyewear
ARC ONE Welding Helmets & Accessories
BAND-AID Bandages
BAUSCH & LOMB Lens Cleaning Stations
BEST Hand Protection
BILSOM Hearing Protection
BOUTON Protective Eyewear & Accessories
BRADLEY Eyewash Stations
BRADY Signs, Lockout Tags
BULLARD Headgear & Faceshields, Headwear, Respirators, Cooling Vests
CREWS Headgear & Eyewear
DUPONT Clothing
EAGLE Safety Cans, Guards, Protectors & Ramp
E•A•R Hearing Protection
ENPAC Spill Controls
ERGODYNE Ergonomic Products
EVEREADY Lanterns, Flashlights
FEND-ALL Eyewash Stations
GATORADE Thirst Quenchers
GOJO Skin Protection
HARLEY-DAVIDSON Protective Eyewear, Welding Helmets
HOWARD LEIGHT Hearing Protection
JACKSON Protective Eyewear, Headwear
JOHNSON & JOHNSON First Aid Kits, Bandages
JUSTRITE Fire Safety, Spill Control Pallets, Funnels
LENSCLEAN Lens Cleaning Products
MAGLITE Flashlights
MOLDEX Hearing Protection, Respirators
MSA Respirators, Head Protection
NATIONAL SAFETY Hand & Arm Protection
NORTH Protective Eyewear, Hearing Protection, Respirators, Hand Protection
NOTRAX Matting
OCCUNOMIX Headwear, Ergonomic Support, Cooling Vests
PELICAN Flashlights
PELTOR Hearing Protection
PROFLEX Ergonomic Supports, Gloves
PURELL Hand Cleaners & Lotions
RADNOR Filler & Cover Plates, Gloves, Clothing, Glasses, Super Cobra Welding Products
SPC Sorbents, Spill Kits
STARDUST Spill Control
STARPOWER Cleaner/Degreaser
SQWINCHER Thirst Quenchers
STA-DRI Aprons
STANCO Hand Protection
STEEL GRIP INC. Hand Protection
STOCKHAUSEN Hand Cleaners & Lotions
SURVIVAIR Respirators
TILMAN Hand Protection
UVEX Protective Eyewear, Lens Cleaning Products
VALEO Ergonomic Products
WATERGEL Burn Products, First Aid Sprays
WILLSON Respirators, Protective Eyewear, Hearing Protection, Headwear
3M Dispensers, Tapes, Spray Adhesives, Label Adhesives, Tape Pads, Performance Wipes, Hot Melt Bonding System, Cable Ties, Terminal Kits, Electrical Tape
ACCU-LUBE Applicators & Lubricants
AKRO MILLS Bins, Stands, Storage Cabinets, Carts, Tilt-Trucks, Toolboxes, Storage Organizers, Dollies
ALDEN Screw Removers
ALLEN Ratchets, Socket Sets, Wrenches, Screwdrivers & Hex Keys, HacksawFrames, Bit Socket Sets, Nutdrivers, Mallets
AMERICAN Drill Bushings, Hoist Rings
AMFLO Coolant Systems
APEX Insert Bits & Kits
AQUAFLOW Coolant Dispenser
ARMSTRONG Socket Sets, Wrenches, Ratchet Systems, Handtools, Inspection Mirrors, Clamps, Screwdriver, Punch & Chisel Set, Torque Multipliers, Pliers, Drive Sockets, Pullers
BESSEY Industrial Clamps
BONDHUS Balldrivers, Hex Wrenches, Insert Bits
BOSCH Power Tools, Grinders
BOTT/KENNEDY Benches, Cabinets & Accessories
BRIGHTON-BEST Bolts, Cap Screws, Nuts, Screws, Washers, Dowel Pins
BRINK & COTTON Vacuum Vise
BROWN & SHARPE Pin Punches, Scribers, Vises & Clamps
CAMPBELL HAUSFELD Industrial Air Compressors, Generators, Powerhoists, Sand Blasters
CEDARBERG Flashlight Holders, Coolant Hoses, Fluid Dispensers, Opti Shield & Holders, Snap-Loc System
C.H. HANSON Steel Stamps & Sets
CHANNELLOCK End Nippers, Pliers, Wrenches, Nut Drivers, Cable Cutters
CHICAGO PNEUMATIC Industrial Air Tools
CLAMP MFG. Hammers
CLAUSS Aviation Snips
COILHOSE PNEUMATICS Air Tool Accessories, Coolant Flex Hoses, Blowguns, Compressors
COLUMBIAN Vises, Hand Tools
COX Hose Reels
CRESCENT Hand Tools, Toolzall, Screwdrivers & Sets, U-Tool, Dura Pliers, Locking Pliers, Wrenches, Tongue & Groove Pliers
CRESS Heat-treated Furnaces
DAZOR Lamps & Magnifiers
DESTACO Toggle Clamps
DEWALT Power Tools
DIECRAFT C-Clamps & Sets
DMT Diamond Sharpening Kits, Diamond Whetstones & Sharpeners, Diamond Cones, Files
DREMEL Moto-Tools, Scroll Saws, Drill Presses
DUMORE Grinders, Drill Presses
DURHAM Storage Products
DYNABRADE Abrasive Power & Air Tools
EDSAL Industrial Equipment
EXTECH Multimeters, Electrical Testers & Thermometers, Stopwatches
ELECTRIX Worklights, Fans
EVEREADY Flashlights & Batteries
FLEXBAR Precision V-Blocks, Calipers, Surface Standards,Universal Holders, Lano-Lube Machinable Wax, Safety Shields
FLO-PAC Squeegees
FOREDOM Electric Tools, Ultrasonic Cleaners
GARLAND Hammers, Plastic Mallets
GENERAL Pliers, Pullers, Punches, Screwdrivers, Cutter, Scratch Awls, Speed Chuck, Cutters, Magnets, Scrapers, Pin Vises, Trammel Points, Tweezers, Scribers, Probe Sets
GERBER Multipurpose Tools
GRAYMILLS Cabinets, Pumping Systems, Tank Systems, Parts Washers, Pumps, Fluids
GREENLEE Drills, Taps, Countersink Bits, Deburring Tools, Wire Strippers, Crimpers, Conduit & Pipe Hand Benders, Fish Tapes, Thermometers, Test Equipment, Utility Cabinets, Hand Trucks, Storage Chests, Storage Racks
GUARD AIR Safety Air Guns
HANSON Marking Punches, Screw Extractors, Stencils
HARGRAVE Clamps, Punches & Chisels
H. K. PORTER Cutters & Shears
HOLO-KROME/ALLEN Bolts, Dowel Pins, Key Assortments, Screws
HUBBELL Tools Balancers & Jibs
HUOT Platforms, Cutting Tool Indexes & Stands, Collet Racks, Cabinets
INGERSOLL-RAND Cable Pullers, Air Tools
IRWIN Locking Pliers & Sets, Utility Knives
ITW VORTEC Cold Air Guns, Sump Cleaner Equipment
JAMES MORTON Magnetic Cleaner, Industrial Clamps, Magnetic Squares
JANCY Magnetic Drilling Machines & Accessories, C-Clamps
JET Air Tools, Cutters, Chain Hoists, Pumps, Industrial Winches, Bench Vises, Utility Carts, Pallet Trucks, Pallet Puller, Hydraulic Jacks, Shop Crane, Steel Body Pullers, Magnetic Lamps, Dollies, Platform Trucks, Ratchet Stop Stands, Trolleys, Winches
J.H. WILLIAMS Industrial Hand Tools, Pullers
JORGENSON/PONY Industrial Clamps
KANTTWIST Clamps & Sets
KD TOOLS Screw Extractors, Gear Wrenches & Sets, Automotive Products
KENNEDY Liners, Trays, Cabinets, Divider Inserts, Metal Tool Boxes, Toolboards, Socket Rails, Drawer Slides, Workholder Kit, Key Safe Security Cabinets
KIMBERLY CLARK Wypall Absorbents
KLEIN TOOLS Screwdrivers & Sets, Nutdrivers, Pliers, Tongue & Groove Pliers, Side CuttingPliers, Adjustable Wrenches, Measuring Tapes
KOOL MIST Coolant Systems & Accessories
KRYLON Industrial Paint & Accessories
LEATHERMAN Multipurpose Tools
LEGACY Blowguns, Hose Reels, Air Compressor Accessories
LIFTALL Nylon Slings, Round Slings, Tiedowns
LITTLE GIANT Coolant Systems & Accessories
LOC-LINE Coolant Hoses, Shields, Vacuum Hoses
LOCTITE O-Ring Making Kit, Anti-Seize
LUBRIMATIC STANT Grease Guns & Accessories
LUFKIN Tape Measures
LYON Benches, Cabinets, Lockers, Steel Shelving, Maintenance Carts, Desks, Shop Equipment, Stools
MAGLITE Flashlights & Accessories
MAG-MATE Magnetic Products, Retrievers, Magnets
MAKITA Power Tools
MARKAL Crayons, Markers, Sealants, Tapes Sticks, Temperature Indicators, Quick Stiks
MAXUS Air Compressors
MAYHEW Punches, Chisels, Screwdriver Pry Bars
MCGRAW-HILL Industrial Books
MECO Self Dumping Hoppers, Cantilever Racks
METABO Power Tools
MITUTOYO Tape Measures
MORGAN MFG. Disc Trimmer
MOTOROLA Radios & Accessories
MOFFATT Multi Lamps
NICHOLSON Hacksaws, Saw Frames, & Files
NISSEN Markers
NOGA Fluid Dispensers
NSK Air Grinders
NUPLA Hammers
OLFA Knives & Blades
PEC Hammers, Punches, Rules
PERMATEX Cleaners, Degreasers, Rubber Coatings, Wipes
PIP CO Magna Clamps
PI TAPE Measuring Tapes
PLEWS Grease Guns
PRECISION MARSHALL Air Hardening Flat Ground Stock
PONY Clamps
POP Fasteners & Kits
PRECISION BRAND Grease Fittings, Shim Assortments, Tool Black Kit, Key Stock, Punch & Die Sets
PRESTIGE PLUS Die Grinders, Drills, Sanders, Saws,Screwdrivers, Tool Kits, Janitorial Supplies, Paint Supplies & More
PROTO Industrial Hand Tools, Brass Hammers, Pullers
PRYOR Marking Punch Sets
PURELL Hand Cleaners & Lotions
RAPID REEL Hose Reels & Accessories
RAYOVAC Batteries, Flashlights, Lanterns
RECOIL Broken Bolt/Screw Removal, Bolt, Extractors
REELCRAFT Hose & Cord Reels
RIDGID Pipe Threading Equipment, Pipe & Tubing Tools, Vises, Wet/Dry Vacuums
R.L. SPELLMAN Transfer Punches & Sets
ROYAL Lamps, Air Cleaning Gun, Pump Kits, Vise Liners
RUBBERMAID Janitorial Supplies, Carts, Cabinets, Trash Cans
RUBBERSET Paint Applicators Products
SCRUBS Degreaser Towels
SHEAR-LOC Thumb Screws
SHOP-VAC Filter Guides, Wet/Dry Vacuums
SIMPLE GREEN Parts Washers
SKIL Power Tools
SONIX IV Ultrasonic Cleaners, Solutions
STANLEY Blade Disposal, Hand Tools, Knives, Screwdrivers, Tape Measures, Staplers, Nutdrivers, Combination Wrench Sets
STANLEY VIDMAR Storage Cabinets
STARRETT Rules, Key Caddy, Blocks, Flat Ground Stock, Hammer, Screwdriver Sets, Measuring Tapes, Punches, "A" Clamps, Utility Knives
STEELMAN Flexible Inspection Lighting
STOCKHAUSEN Hand Cleaners & Lotions
STURTEVANT RICHMONT Torque Measurement Tools
SURE SHOT Mini Atomizer
TPI INDUSTRIAL Fans, Heaters, Coolers, Blowers
TEKTRONIX Multimeters, Thermometers
TRICO Coolant Systems, Replacement Lines & Nozzles
VALENITE Cleaners, Fluids, Oil Skimmers, Refractometers, Proportioners
VAUGHAN Hammers, Mallets
VESTIL Pallet Pullers, Bumpers, Stabilizing Jacks, Wheel Chocks, Hose & Cable Bridges,
VISE-GRIP Pliers, Clamps
VICTORINOX Swiss Army Knives
WARREN Wrecking Bars
WALDMANN LIGHTING Magnifier, Lights, Omnivues
WATERLOO Portable Tool Chests, Workbenches, Tool Carts
WEILER Brushes, Brooms
WESCO Coolant Systems, Industrial Lift Products
WIHA Blade Set, Drivers, Screwdrivers, Torx Sets, Torx Bits, Hammers, Magnetizer/Demagnetizer, Insert Bits, Hex Tools, Probes & Hooks, Tweezers, Mallets
WILTON Clamps, Vises, Screwdrivers, Hammers
WISS Metal Snips, Shears
WOODHEAD Electrical Accessories, Hand Lamps, Plugs & Connectores
X-ACTO Hobby Knives & Blades
YOUNG BROS. Steel Stamp Sets
ARC ONE Welding Helmets & Filters
BERNZOMATIC Torch Heads & Kits
ENPAC Cylinder Racks, Storage Cabinets
ESAB Air-Gas Outfits & Accessories, Regulators,
MIG Welders, Guns & Consumables, TIG Torches, Electrodes, TIG Welders Plasma Cutters, Solder, Wire Feeder
G.A.L. GAGE Welding Gages
Goweld Portable Mig Welder Kit
HARRIS Welding & Cutting Outfits, Torch Handles, Cutting Attachments & Tips, Flowgages, Flowmeters
HECK Bevel-Mills
LINCOLN ELECTRIC Arc Welders, Engine Driven Welder/Generator, MIG Welders, MIG Guns & Consumables, TIG Welders Plasma Cutters, Welding Packages
MECO OMAHA Cylinder Storage Cabinets
MILLER Spot & TIG Welders, Arc Welders, Engine Driven Welder/Generator, DC Inverters, TIG Welders, Wire Feeder, MIG Welders, MIG Guns & Consumables, Plasma Cutters, Wire Feed Welder, Cutting & Gouging System, TIG Runner Packages, Welding Machine Packages
PHOENIX Electrode Ovens
RADNOR Welding & Cutting Outfits, Cutting Tips, Flowgages, Flowmeters, Welding Hose, Ground Clamps, Rod Bags, Wire Brushes
STEINER Safety Kit, Curtain Rolls
THERMAL ARC Engine Driven Welder/Generator, Wire Feeder, MIG Welders, DC Inverters, Arc & TIG Welders, Wire Feed Welders
THERMAL DYNAMICS Plasma Cutting System, Plasma Cutters, Plasma Torch Parts, Consumables, Parmaster XLs
UNGAR Heat Guns
VICTOR Welding & Cutting Outfits, Oxyacetylene Torches, Cutting Tips, Regulators, Flowmasters, & Vanguard Outfits
WELLER Torches & Solderings
WESTERN ENTERPRISES Balloon Inflators, Gas Welding & Cutting Accessories



 METCUT High Performance Drill Inserts
 ALLIED DRILLS Drilling System & Chamfer Rings
KEO Drills & Countersinks
ROBERT CHARLES Precision CNC Diamond Ground
PRECISION TWIST DRILL Expansion Chucking Reamers
CLEVELAND TWIST DRILL Single & Double End Mills
HANITA High Helix, Roughing, Single End Mills for Aluminum
WELDON Crest-Kut Single End Mills
HANITA Powdered Metal 8% Cobalt Ball Nose Roughers-Fine & Coarse Pitch
MICRO 100 Metric 4-Flute General-Purpose Single End Mills
METAL REMOVAL 4-Flute Single End TiCN Coated Solid Carbide End Mills
HANITA Corner Radius Javelin Single End Mills
HANITA Varimill 4-Flute High Performance Solid Carbide End Mills
MELIN 4-Flute Variable Helix Solid Carbide High Performance End Mills
PROMAX 4-Flute Variable Helix Solid Carbide High Performance End Mills
Niagara Diamond Coated Solid Carbide End Mills for Graphite
WHITNEY TOOL Woodruff Narrow Width Slotting Cutters
KEO Cobalt Dovetail Milling Cutters
MICRO 100 Solid Carbide Corner Rounding End Mills
Allied Accuport 432 Port Contour Cutters
PRESTIGE PLUS-USA Indexable Turning Tools
WIHA 14 pc. Adjustable Torque Control Set
ALLIED DRILLS Allied Ecocut Multi-Function Drilling& Turning Tools
VALENITE Turning Kits
LAMINA Multi-Material Negative Rake Turning Inserts
VALENITE ValMill 16MM V590 Indexable Square Shoulder Mills
MIL-TEC HV5HD Indexable Carbide End Mills, Inserts & Kits
VALENITE ValMill V555 Face Mills
ISCAR Pentacut Holders, Grooving & Parting Tools
THINBIT Toolholders for Grooving & Threading Inserts
VALENITE ValGroove Grooving & Threading Systems
MERIT Fiber Discs
FLEXOVIT Flap Discs & Cut-Off Wheels
NOGA Deburring Sets
STEINER 9 pc. Welder’s Safety Kit
MILLER Millermatic® Mig Wire Feed Welders & Plasma Cutter
SHARP Vertical Milling Machines
SHARP Lathes & EDM
HYD-MECH Cold Saws
Mill Drill Startup Accessory Package
ACRA Geared Head Engine Lathes
KENT USA 20 x 60” Engine Lathe
PRESTIGE VALUE Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw
ROLL-N-SAW Spider Horizontal Bandsaw
DRILL DOCTOR DD300 Drill Sharpener
MAG-MATE Sheet Handlers
DAKE Utility H-Frame Presses
Kwik Tilt
Tool-Lock Tightening Fixtures
Optical Height Presetts
PROCUNIER Tap &Pro-Quick Tapping Attachments
PARLEC Boring Heads & Accessories
VLIER High-Value Series Levelers
PHASE II 4” Tilting Index Spacer
KURT Complete Anglock® Repair Kits
KURT 2 & 4 Face Toolbox™
KURT 4 & 6” Magnetic Jaw Plates
PRESTIGE VALUE Lever-Type 5c Collet Closers
ROYAL CNC Collet Chuck & Collet Closer
H&R Soft Blank Top Jaws
VALUE V-Block Set
STARRET Electronic Height Gages
FOWLER Electronic Height Gages
CHECKPOINT 4” Ultra Mini-Mag Level
PHASE II Digital Laser Levels
FOWLER Magnetic Precision & Spirit Level
PRESTIGE PLUS Digital Protractor
FOWLER Electronic Universal Protractor
PHASE II Digital Motorized Twin Tester
STARRETT Contact & Noncontact Digital Tachometer
DEFELSKO Positest Coating Thickness Gages
MARK-10 Digital Hygro-Thermometer
EXTECH Hygro-Thermometer with Remote Probe
AND HL-WP Series Stainless Steel Washdown Digital Scales
PEC TiN Coated Telescoping Gage Set
VERMONT Calibrated Steel Plug Gage Sets
MITITOYO ID-H Digimatic Indicator with Remote Control
STARRETT Direct Reading Fractional Dial Caliper
MITITOYO Digimatic IP67 Super Solar Calipers
PRESTIGE PLUS Electronic Digital Calipers
PRESTIGE PLUS IP54 Digital Caliper & Micrometer Set
FOWLER Xproof Water Resitant Electronic Measuring Set
KLEIN TOOLS Screwdriver/Nut Driver, Pliers, Cutters & Wrenches
BONDHUS Screwdrivers & Sets
GENERAL Ultratech™ Precision Screwdriver Sets
WIHA Insulated Pliers/Cutters & Screwdriver Set
CHANNELLOCK Snap Ring Pliers
CRESCENT Tongue & Groove Pliers
 IRWIN VISE–GRIP Locking Pliers & Sets
STANLEY Combination Wrench Sets
ALLEN Drive Sockets & Sets
ARMSTRONG TOOLS 3/8” Drive Sockets
 KD TOOLS Gear Wrenches & Sets
PROTO Pullers
 J. H. WILLIAMS Pullers
 STARRETT Digitape Tough Measuring Tapes
 IRWIN INDUSTRIAL TOOLS Retractable Utility Knife
 HERITAGE CUTLERY Industrial Shears
 NICHOLSON® Pro Series 4-in-1 Hacksaw
 COOK Brass Ball Pein Hammers
 WIHA Hammers & Mallets
 GARLAND Plastic Mallets
THE C.H. HANSON CO. Steel Stamp Sets
 GENERAL Probe Sets
 WILTON C-Clamps
 JANCY Porta-Vise C-Clamps
 MARKAL Red-Riter Metal Markers
 MAXUS Nailers
 LEGACY BlowGun with Adjustable Nozzle
LEGACY Air Compressor Accessory Kit
 GUARDAIR Ultra Long John Safety Series Blow Guns
CAMPBELL HAUSFELD 8 Gallon Portable Air Compressor
 MAXUS Two Stage Air Compressors
SKIL Belt Sander
BOSCH Drills/Hammer Drills
BOSCH Cordless Drill/Drivers
 GREENLEE Hex Shank Combo Drill, Tap & Countersink Bits
 DEWALT Rapid Load Hex Holder
GREENLEE Electrical Maintenance Products
DAZOR Machine Lamps
 WOODHEAD Hand Lamps
 EXTECH 3-Phase Rotation Tester
TPI Portable Evaporative Coolers
 GREENLEE Storage Chests
1075 VESTIL Pallet Pullers
VESTIL Aluminum Economizer Dock Plates
 Kennedy Hybrid Modular Storage
 AKRO-MILS Stak-N-Stor System
PRESTIGE VALUE Disposable Industrial Dust Mops & Frames
 FOREDOM Elma Ultrasonic Cleaners
 RIDGID Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuums
 SHOP-VAC Industrial 24V Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum
 TRI-FLOW Pin Point Lubricator Pen
 LEGACY Air Operated Grease Pump
LEGACY Grease Guns
 CHEVRON Way Oil Vistac IS068
LOCTITE Quickstix™
 LPS Multi-Purpose Grease
 TAP-MAGIC Xtra-Thick Xtra-Foamy Cutting Fluids
 NOGA Cool Manifold Spray Unit
 ALDEN Drill-Out/X-Out 6pc. Combo with Case
 KD TOOLS Screw Extractor Kit
 HARLEY-DAVIDSON HD 700 Series Safety Eyewear
 MECHANIX WEAR Safety Gloves
 HP First Aid Kits
 BOUTON 4400 UFO Stargaze™ Single Lens Safety Spectacle
 AOSAFETY Flywear™ Safety Eyewear
 UVEX Fitlogic Safety Eyewear
 ARCONE Vision Welding Helmet
 MOLDEX Rockets® Reusable Earplugs
VALEO Elbow Sleeve
RADNOR Rubberized Safetycuff Leather Palm Gloves
ANSELL Vantage™ Medium Weight String Gloves
PERFECT FIT Performers Extra™ Gloves
BEST BO500 Series Poly Palm Coated Gloves
 PERFECT FIT Tuff-Knit KV Extra Seamless Knit Gloves
BEST Real Feel™ Disposible Vinyl Gloves
MICROFLEX Nitron One Lightly Powdered Nitrile Gloves
TILLMAN Flame Retardant Cotton Sleeve & Bib Apron
 Kleenguard Select White Apron
 SQWINCHER Sqwincher Lite Qwik Stik
WATERJEL First Aid Sprays
 SPC High Traffic Sorbents
 ENPAC Workstation Spill Pallets
JUSTRITE UNO™ Type II Safety Cans
 BRADY IDXPERT™ Hand Held Labeler

 WEARWELL Rejuvenator® Ultra Soft-Cell Mats
NOTRAX Marble Sof-Tyle™ Grande®
WEARWELL 24/Seven® Mats
& Much More!

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